Ranch Style Architecture

The ranch home has been popular since the early-mid 1900s and is still a popular choice today. Harking back to a time when houses were substantial, and built on sprawling lots, the ranch house still has a lot to offer, with its stair-less design and open floor space.

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Ranch Homes

Ranch style houses are rooted in the Spanish Colonial architecture of 17th-19th century North America. Buildings were single story and constructed of local materials such as adobe and plaster. The early 1900s saw designers fusing this traditional construction style with modern architecture to create what we know of today as a “ranch-style house.”

Built to meet the mid-century ideals of a casual, open atmosphere, the ranch home is terrific for the bigger family and/or those who love to entertain friends. The open concept makes the house seem even bigger than it is, which is great for gatherings. Large windows, originally built to allow natural light to illuminate the interior of the home, became more of a symbol of the open nature and hospitality of the West.

A ranch home is also referred to as a "rancher" or "rambler," and offers all the room of a 2 story house, but without the inconvenience of steps. This can be a great choice for senior citizens and families with active young children. Many retirees choose this home style due to its lack of stairs.

Ranch homes are also plentiful. The post-war building boom made the ranch style a common sight in communities all across the nation. It's hard to go wrong with a ranch style home as they are famous for their flexibility and their ability to accommodate just about any taste!

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