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The Town of Olive can be found in central Ulster County among the surroundings of the beautiful Hudson Valley. Olive is in the vicinity of the famous Ashokan Reservoir, which supplies New York City with drinking water while providing natural habitat for local wildlife including our national treasure, the American Bald Eagle.  The Ashokan Reservoir presents the most admirable view of the nature with its vibrant colors and scenery.

The Town of Olive is truly an image of the exquisiteness that is the Hudson River Valley, complete with natural streams, dense forests and majestic mountain peaks. There is ample al fresco action for everyone in Olive. May it be fishing, hunting or just want to have a picnic with the family or walking through nature trails, Olive can keep everyone busy for days and weeks. If you are an adventure sports enthusiast, hiking trails and mountain bike trails can keep you occupied with challenges at every level.

The town is spread over an area of 58.7 square miles and has 15 hamlets. The Town of Olive is in pretty close proximity to the city of Kingston which makes it a very convenient place to live.  Olive is a well liked year round by many New Yorkers (both local and from other parts of the state) as it is an attractive place near the Catskill State Park and easily approachable from Manhattan and other cities. With very good access to the neighboring Village of Woodstock, Olive is a superb place to have a home as it is fun to stay in all seasons.

Olive NY Real Estate provides great opportunity for those who wish to live in a peaceful place and yet close to urban civilization with all amenities of a modern life yet the taste of a small community.


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